Amazon creates cloud computing spot market | Between the Lines |

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said on his blog:

The central concept in this new option is that of the Spot Price, which we determine based on current supply and demand and will fluctuate periodically…This gives customers exact control over the maximum cost they are incurring for their workloads, and often will provide them with substantial savings. It is important to note that customers will pay only the existing Spot Price; the maximum price just specifies how much a customer is willing to pay for capacity as the Spot Price changes.

via Amazon creates cloud computing spot market | Between the Lines |


TMForum announces new organization of major Cloud buyers

The TMForum has created a new and noticeable organization called “Enterprise Cloud Buyers Council” to influence the Cloud ecosystem from customer perspective.

Focus will be on interoperability and customer requirements like SLAs. A lot of  big Cloud vendors are on board, also, excl. Amazon…

Microsoft reorganizes to strengthen its Cloud business

From Network World:

“Microsoft Tuesday created a new division designed to brings its cloud and on-premises software development together and provide a consistent platform for corporate customers.

The Server and Cloud Division (SCD) will be part of the Server and Tools business unit and is a combination of the Windows Server and solutions group and the Windows Azure group.”

The Economist: Cover Story and Article on Cloud Computing

Battle of the clouds
The fight to dominate cloud computing will increase competition and innovation.”


Clash of the clouds

The launch of Windows 7 marks the end of an era in computing—and the beginning of an epic battle between Microsoft, Google, Apple and others”

IDC’s New IT Cloud Services Forecast: 2009-2013

A blog entry of IDG-Analyst Frank Gens on IDC’s new Cloud study. (Including some facts and figure of the report.)

Just one citation: “The five year growth outlook remains strong, with a five-year annual growth rate of 26% – over six times the rate of traditional IT offerings.”

(Developers’) Perceptions of Cloud Service Providers (by EDC)

“Perceptions of Cloud Service Providers – Who’s Who and Where in the Clouds
A poll of the perceptions of software developers on the major players in the Cloud computing space.”

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IBM and the Cloud

Eine Übersicht über die vielen Cloud-Aktivitäten der IBM: