Amazon creates cloud computing spot market | Between the Lines |

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels said on his blog:

The central concept in this new option is that of the Spot Price, which we determine based on current supply and demand and will fluctuate periodically…This gives customers exact control over the maximum cost they are incurring for their workloads, and often will provide them with substantial savings. It is important to note that customers will pay only the existing Spot Price; the maximum price just specifies how much a customer is willing to pay for capacity as the Spot Price changes.

via Amazon creates cloud computing spot market | Between the Lines |


Rady Bias estimates: Amazon EC2 makes $220M+ revenue per year

In his blog post “Amazon’s EC2 Generating 220M+ Annually” Randy Bias estimates Amazon’s revenue from EC2 business.


Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) lets you create your own logically isolated set of Amazon EC2 instances and connect it to your existing network using an IPsec VPN connection.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC)

Amazon releases Amazon VPC “to connect your existing infrastructure to a set of isolated AWS compute resources via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection” as limited beta. Important step to hybrid Clouds for larger enterprises.

Amazons BI-on-the-fly using MapReduce-as-a-service brings huge cloud data crunching to the masses

Amazon Elastic Map Reduce

AWS Toolkit for Eclipse available

An Eclipse plug-in for AWS development and deployment: