IDC’s New IT Cloud Services Forecast: 2009-2013

A blog entry of IDG-Analyst Frank Gens on IDC’s new Cloud study. (Including some facts and figure of the report.)

Just one citation: “The five year growth outlook remains strong, with a five-year annual growth rate of 26% – over six times the rate of traditional IT offerings.”


SAP-Hosting-Geschäft geht an T-Systems

“T-Systems hat SAPs europäisches Hosting-Geschäft übernommen und wird künftig die Softwareanwendungen von fast 90 SAP-Kunden in seinen Rechenzentren betreuen.” Nach weiteren Presseangaben sollen die Angebote auch um eine “verbrauchsorientierte Abrechnung” erweitert werden. Sounds to me like Cloud Computing…,39038986,41502691,00/sap_hosting_geschaeft+geht+an+t_systems.htm

Why Private Cloud Will Make IT Think Like Wal-Mart

I.B.M. to Help Clients Fight Cost and Complexity

“The information technology infrastructure is under stress already, and the data flood is just accelerating,” said Samuel J. Palmisano, I.B.M.’s chief executive. “We’ve decided that how you solve that starts by organizing technology around the workload.”

New York Times: Data Center Overload

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Amazons BI-on-the-fly using MapReduce-as-a-service brings huge cloud data crunching to the masses