TMForum announces new organization of major Cloud buyers

The TMForum has created a new and noticeable organization called “Enterprise Cloud Buyers Council” to influence the Cloud ecosystem from customer perspective.

Focus will be on interoperability and customer requirements like SLAs. A lot of  big Cloud vendors are on board, also, excl. Amazon…


Microsoft reorganizes to strengthen its Cloud business

From Network World:

“Microsoft Tuesday created a new division designed to brings its cloud and on-premises software development together and provide a consistent platform for corporate customers.

The Server and Cloud Division (SCD) will be part of the Server and Tools business unit and is a combination of the Windows Server and solutions group and the Windows Azure group.”

The Economist: Cover Story and Article on Cloud Computing

Battle of the clouds
The fight to dominate cloud computing will increase competition and innovation.”


Clash of the clouds

The launch of Windows 7 marks the end of an era in computing—and the beginning of an epic battle between Microsoft, Google, Apple and others”

IBM and the Cloud

Eine Übersicht über die vielen Cloud-Aktivitäten der IBM:

Opera Unite

Google Wave Federation Protocol

Google App Engine Lets Your Web App Grow Up